• Tucson Two Seater

    Comfort and style are unparalleled with the Tucson Two Seater. Beneath the retro undertones this range boasts durable PU leather and strong construction. Available in a range of co...
    $529.00 excl. GST Select options
  • Venice Table Top

    Constructed out of 25mm heavy-duty E1 board and available in a variety of sizes, these make a great choice for many applications.
    $59.00$149.00 excl. GST Select options
  • Vienna

    These chairs are popular in cafeŽ and restaurant settings. Strong wooden construction in a mahogany finish. The Vienna chair is not only durable, but they are great value as well!
    $89.00 excl. GST Select options
  • Villa

    The Villa chair is very popular in dining settings. These chairs have strong wooden construction with a mahogany finish and a great price to match.
    $89.00 excl. GST Select options
  • Windsor Headboard

    Built for superb comfort and detailed with deep Chesterfield style tucking. Will make a bold statement in any executive suite.
    $249.00$339.00 excl. GST Select options
  • Yorker

    A very versatile chair with modern clean lines. Durable frame with Black PU upholstery, these chairs are a great option for any internal room seating area.
    $269.00 excl. GST Select options
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